bobberbikebabe (bobberbikebabe) wrote in bitchesonbikes,

Love my new pipe

Hi all,

Yesterday I had a full system SS2-R Vance & Hines pipe installed on my Buell Blast (w/ some tweaking to the carburetor). I absolutely cannot describe the difference between the stock Blast and the "new" Blast. I rode out of the H-D parking lot screaming with joy as I tore off down the road (w/ the required bug-eating grin). My bike... she roars! she purrs! she's smoother! AND she has more power! My thumper sounds like a bad beatch. So, my husband, who's been riding sport bikes and H-D bikes for years, took a ride and really rode my bike hard. He came home with a big grin on his face, and was stunned that the bike had that much power (for a single cyclinder "little" bike) and could be so responsive. So, needless to say... I'm actually pretty happy with my Buell Blast and put 200+ miles on her in two days.

thump thump thump
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