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Hi ladies, i am new and i currently received my endorsement so i am now riding solo :) . I have been on the back of Harleys for years and have always wanted to be on front when i felt the urge. My  Bf who is recently my ex, towards the end of our relationship would make me feel as if i was lucky to ride with him .  So last year he decided that we should take a break and if I wanted to ride  i should find someone that would take me.  To me i had plenty to ride bitch with but being someones girlfriend i felt I should never do this.

Well he soon found out i was hanging with my biker friends although i implied I had been riding I hadnt and soon he went a lil nuts thinking i was .. ;)  anyways we are now seperated and i was recently laid off so to give myself some inspiration I moved out  went to class and got my endorsement and I now use my sons 2008 Ninja .. I look at it this way I am getting my practice even if it is Ninja which i like but would prefer a Harley.

Also loosing my job I lost my 500sl because it was part of my employment contract .. now I am carless so it all works out :) .

 I am not sure if you all know the site it now says socializng and dating group but i have met lots of great people and riding partners and simply great friends on that site...

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