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For women who love their machines... [entries|friends|calendar]
For women who love their machines...

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Bike for sale [23 Jul 2011|07:39pm]

Due to a recent upgrade I am reluctantly selling my bike.

Its a Kawasaki GPZ500s, W plate, 14449 miles - £1250 - Leeds. Its a fantastic little bike, an ideal first 'big' bike. Please take a look at my ad below. Will also be going on ebay at some point too. Am sad to see it go but I have a new one now so no point in keeping this one as well.

Happy looking :-)

Kawasaki GPZ500s, W plate, low mileage - £1250 in Leeds | Motorbikes & Scooters for Sale | Gumtree.com
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Recovery [03 Apr 2009|09:21pm]

OK, so I made it back to Barcelona and cried like a baby the first night home. No wifi. No internet, in fact, as my crappy Vodafone USB modem was not working as usual. No room service, and no giant fluffy pillows. But it was the no elevator part of being home that did me in. Carrying my gear and crap up 4 flights of stairs help excacerbate the pulled muscle in my chest so it not only felt like someone had ripped my heart out, but now also hurt to breathe. I also faced the first night without opiates, and could tell I was fiending. Called some people I knew I could count on, and they came through, gave me the words of encouragement I needed in a time when all I could do was beat myself up for making such a stupid mistake (the whole riding to Nice in the rain idea, really).

So the next day I noticed I was constantly holding my left "lil' buddy" (an homage to Zina) in place, so I put on my sports bra and felt better. Went to see a local multilingual Italian orthopedist because I was starting to get nervous like maybe I was having a heart attack or had a broken rib, despite the lack of bruising. He gave me a rigorous regime for my ankle which could also work for my chest and also recommended just wrapping my chest in wide ace bandages.

Which I did, and it works like a charm! So now instead of being small, I get to be super-flat, but hey, it feels good and I can breathe, so that's all I care about. So now I'm releived it's only a very pulled muscle, like I had thought. I've been doing my best to rest up, stay in bed, only going out for absolute necessities (like to recharge (money, not power) my stupid USB modem, because of course Vodafone won't let you do that shit online unless you have a Spanish credit card. Grrrr.

So I finished the epic paper from hell, and should be able to finish the easier small paper tonight, which marks my absolute final deliverable for business school. It's something I sort of dread letting go of, because that means I really and truly need to find a job now. Which is such an unpleasant process. But to give myself a better reason to finish my homework, and because dammit, I came to Spain to be with my people, I am GOING to Valencia tomorrow for World Superbike!!! Even though I will be chillaxin' at the hotel on Saturday, only going to the track on Sunday and doing as little walking as possible, dammit, I have to go! Must watch Be Spies kick some more bootay! And be in a lovely hotel again... I won't be riding there and then to Bilbao as I had previously planned, but I must go. It is my duty as a race fan to make sure those stands are full!

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the problem with self-will [03 Apr 2009|09:14pm]

[ mood | Broken ]

So one of my big dreams about coming to school in Barcelona involved riding from Barcelona to Italy, since it's such a short ride (by US standards). Nice is only 6 hours from Barcelona, so I figured it'd as good a place as any on the Cote D'Azur to rest my head. The problem is, I INSISTED on going by motorcycle, in spite of the fact that the weather forecast was for rain most of the week. I hate riding in the rain, I suck at it, and well, I wasn't even prepared. My Aerostich is fine until a point, but after a couple hours, I'm soaked to the bone. Cold and wet, my brain shuts down and I make a lot of stupid mistakes. So Saturday I did something smart and holed up in a hotel in Narbonne for the night, hoping the rain would go away by Sunday. I woke up to a beautiful sunny sky, and began anew.

The ride was fine for the first hour, a bit windy, but after racing at Willow Springs for 3 years, I laugh at wind. However, the rain began, and although the wind had stopped, the rain alone was uncomfortable enough. I rode faster than I should've, given the lack of visibility, stopped often, and even considered trying to hitch a ride the last hour into Nice. Which I should've done. I made it into Nice, was flying down the main promenade hoping the street sign for my hotel would be easy enough to see. I noticed the van in the next lane over stop suddenly for a red light anyone in California would've gone through on the yellow. I was like "what the hell is he doing stopping for that?" Then I noticed the car in front of me had done the same. Shit.

So I slammed on the brakes, and of course wiped out since it was pouring rain. Total retard move. POS BMW Scarver landed on my ankle, and my wellies which had served me so well in the snow in London were useless against the giant muffler that landed on my ankle and sprained it. The wellies were also useless against rain, as I had icy cold lakes in each boot, an unbearable sensation I hope never to experience again. Don't beleive any reviews you read, this "starter" bike was designed with the sole purpose of making riding as unpleasant and difficult as possible, to encourage new riders to give up and buy BMW cars.

The guys around were very helpful, one called the police/ambulance, while the guy in front of me went to drop off his wife, and then came back to fill out the accident report. Seems my bike did actually hit his car, although I was too focused on trying not to be pinned under the bike to notice. Even if it didn't, whatever. That's the only thing my rental insurance actually covers. Which gives me yet another reason to hate the Spanish. In the US, one can rent a vehicle, and the insurance covers ANY damage done to it. I once returned a car with a missing window, no questions asked.

In Spain, so many people abused that type of insurance, that rental insurance now only covers the other parties affected. So the hundreds of euros of stupid cosmetic damage and of course getting this pile back to Barcelona are all out of my pocket. Which is deep enough to hole up at the Radisson instead of the cheap hotel I was heading to, so I guess I can handle it. But spending money on a hotel where I know I'll be cared for is much more pleasant than spending money fixing/schlepping some stupid bike I hate and never should've rented in the first place.

However, in Nice, everyone has been so nice. ;-P The bellhop recommended an urgent care facility nearby, where I had a fabulous doctor, and the bellhop and concierge even came by to see if I needed a ride back to the hotel, at the end of their shift at midnight. Talk about service! I'm a huge fan of the Radisson now. But I still need to figure out how to get this thing back to Barcelona...

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steppin' up to the big bikes [03 Apr 2009|09:10pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

 OK, compared to Butters, this will be amazing. http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/b


"the F650CS excels in slow twisties. The CS loves being thrown with abandon into hairpins and other mountainous stuff, while the suspension keeps things in check remarkably well considering they were calibrated for quieter action. It's the kind of bike on which it's easy to search for your limits."

wootwoot! I was all nervous about renting such a puny bike to go any real distance (the agency insists it's only good for one rider) but then I read this review and though, hmmm. It can go 110mph, so I won't get rear-ended on the freeway, and it's fun in the twisties. what more do I need to cruise along the cote d'azur, and poke around in the mountains near Nice? :-) All that for half the price of a Multistrada.

turned the go-fast screw all the way to the right today, and it was pretty cool how fast it wanted to go! wouldn't even sit still! Had to hold the brake to keep it from creeping forward at a stop, so I backed it off a tiny bit. but only after getting up the hill, need all the get-up-and-go that thing can get to make it up Tibidabo.

UPDATE!!!! I WAS WRONG!!! Or rather, the hack BMW paid to write those LIES was wrong. WORST bike I ever rode!!! And not just because I crashed it. I've ridden dozens of different bikes (and scooters) since 1985, so I have some frame of reference. This bike is so unrideable I think BMW invented it with the sole purpose of making new riders hate motorcycling so much that they run out and buy BMW cars. Or Volvos even. It was horrendous at any speed, wobbly around town, pathetic on the highway, and worthless in what few turns I took it through. more here: http://pinkyracer.livejournal.com/2008/08/12/

If you are a new rider, DO NOT buy this bike!!! Buy something that's fun and moves the way a bike is supposed to move. Now I know why so many US riders start out on 600cc race bikes. Because they WORK. Seriously, the GSXR 600 I rented to go from SF to LA last summer did it all for me. It blew my mind with it's braking technology (completely panic mid-corner proof) and of course its awesome power. When a dumbass slammed on their brakes in front of me then, I instantly chose to lanesplit to avoid hitting them, and continued on my way.

It was my mistake for not thinking of that in Nice, when I was a drowned rat thinking only of how desperately I wanted to be dry, but still. I think if I'd been on a bike I could respect, I probably would've been less interested in crashing. A shiny new 848 rode slowly by the cafe where I supped Monday night and I told my new Nice friends- "see, if I'd been on THAT bike, I would not have crashed."
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check out my big box [03 Apr 2009|09:09pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

big box, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

OK, so it's not mine, but I once had a silver Vespa P200E, just like this one. My first and second scooters, in fact. My very first scooter had probably 5x the horsepower my current rental has. Amazing. But fun. It's certainly (humbling would be the word, but that's not how it feels, more like pacifying) being so slow off the line I'm better off just staying behind cars than getting up front with all the other scooters and holding up traffic as I goose the throttle to try and get her up to speed a little quicker. Especially going uphills.

So I bought gas, which was a little overwhelming at first. I didn't want to do anything inappropriate at the gas station or anything. And it wasn't really any different than buying gas in the US, except you can't pay at the pump.

So this box. For those of you who gripe about my sleek 4.6 liter Givi box on the back of my R1, well. Stuff it. My Givi box rocks and dammit. It's not like it's some 10 liter diamondplate monolith, got it? ;-P I'm gonna flip that bike over backwards on May 7th, after all this time on Butters. Yeah, my scooter's name is Butters. As in "I dunno you guys, are you sure this is a good idea?" while Cartman unveils yet another devious scheme involving shaming the boy who knows no shame...

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Scooter babes! [03 Apr 2009|09:07pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Scooter babes!, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

yaaay! so after 6 weeks of bitter cold and rain and watching the entire city of Barcelona zoom around on scooters, I finally pocketed my pride and rented a scooter. This is my first time riding a scooter (except for the brief test ride on a death trap in Zanzibar), since the time I rode my Lambretta into the side of a pickup truck at 40mph without a helmet. When Roberto, the rental agent, told me my gloves and helmet were too much for a scooter (everyone wears crap helmets on scooters), I was all "not the way I ride!"

So we didn't even rent cool scooters, but cheap plastic Chinese scooters, like everyone else rides. Britt found this cool place in our neighborhood, Mattia46.com I almost got a discount for my helmet, but not quite.

Here we are at the top of big mountain I've always wanted to scale. My bike's not in the picture. It was so much fun to finally ride around Barcelona after 6 weeks of walking and taking slow-ass public transit.

It's so great to not have to walk past all the creeps in my neighborhood, to be able to fly through town! But watching Ben Spies KICK ASS!!!!! in WSB made me really really really want the new R1, if for no reason other than to support my homeboy in WSB.

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newbie [26 Feb 2009|11:20pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi ladies, i am new and i currently received my endorsement so i am now riding solo :) . I have been on the back of Harleys for years and have always wanted to be on front when i felt the urge. My  Bf who is recently my ex, towards the end of our relationship would make me feel as if i was lucky to ride with him .  So last year he decided that we should take a break and if I wanted to ride  i should find someone that would take me.  To me i had plenty to ride bitch with but being someones girlfriend i felt I should never do this.

Well he soon found out i was hanging with my biker friends although i implied I had been riding I hadnt and soon he went a lil nuts thinking i was .. ;)  anyways we are now seperated and i was recently laid off so to give myself some inspiration I moved out  went to class and got my endorsement and I now use my sons 2008 Ninja .. I look at it this way I am getting my practice even if it is Ninja which i like but would prefer a Harley.

Also loosing my job I lost my 500sl because it was part of my employment contract .. now I am carless so it all works out :) .

 I am not sure if you all know the site www.bikerornot.com it now says socializng and dating group but i have met lots of great people and riding partners and simply great friends on that site...

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New member [22 Jan 2009|02:56pm]


It is so nice to see a women's motorcycling community that is, er, more than just reviews of menstrual products. I have been seeking out motorcycle communities ever since my boyfriend, Benjamin, and I, have been on our trip. We've been riding two-up on a 1976 Yamaha XS500 from Seattle, down to New Orleans and eventually on our way to the tip of Argentina. We've been writing a blog over at Jen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: Traveling on a 1976 Yamaha XS500 to Argentina on blogger.

If anyone has any experiences/or places we shouldn't miss en route, please leave me a comment on lj or on blogger. Or, if you're going to be somewhere between the Texas border + Argentina, and would like to meet up, drop me a line, too!

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One more for big up for the ladies on the Dakar... [19 Jan 2009|12:30am]

[ mood | impressed ]

It wouldn't be fair not to also mention Mirjam Pol from Holland, who finished 53rd overall on a 450 Honda.



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G'day ladies! Anybody here heard of Annie Seel? If you haven't, I thought perhaps you might want to! [19 Jan 2009|12:18am]

[ mood | impressed ]

She just finished the gruelling two week Dakar rally-raid today in 76th position overall, despite having broken her nose early in the rally in a high speed crash that also smashed her helmet to pieces (see video diary below), and then a suspected broken collar bone a couple of days ago. She's incredible - and harder than titanium nails...

Edited to insert: Annie Seel Bio on YouTube from the ASO (Dakar organisers).

Eurosport videos:


Dakar Blog:




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New Social Network Website Just for Bikers! [12 Oct 2008|12:44pm]


Hello everyone!

I just found this brand new website that allows anyone and everyone who loves motorcycles to join and hang out. It's a social network, meaning everyone has their own page where you can upload photos, videos, and connect with other bikers around the world. Like I said, it's brand new so there aren't many people yet, but the more people that join, the better!

So come on over and check it out. Chances are, you'll fall in love and have a great time!

See you other there.

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Old bike photos updated [08 Oct 2008|10:26pm]
Hi all, I looked up bikes and zoomed in on pictures and have now annotated the pictures from my H-D museum visit (per poster request). There are a few models for which I do not have info. Feel free to inform me if you know the model info. Here's the link: http://pics.livejournal.com/bobberbikebabe/gallery/0000ah34

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Harley-Davidson Museum/Factory Tour pix [29 Sep 2008|11:25am]
Hey all,

I finally posted a short review and pictures from the H-D museum and Powertrain Operations tours that I went on in August. If you like pictures of old bikes, including the famous "serial #1", then I think you will enjoy the pics. I have more pix, so if you are hungry for more, let me know and I will post them. Please enjoy. http://bobberbikebabe.livejournal.com/3623.html
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advice on write off categories [23 Sep 2008|08:38pm]

[ mood | excited ]

well have finally agreed a settlement with the insurance company of the guy who hit me in an accident 3 years ago. it's been a long and hard struggle!

anyway i'm looking for some advice on write off categories. when my bike was assessed it was deemed to be a category c write off. my solicitor has confirmed i can keep it and put it back on the road. it't not been started since the accident and i know it's going to be a tricky task getting it back on the road but i just think i need to try.

so as it's a cat c write off - is there anything in particular i need to take account of if i do get it back on the road? i have a vague recollection that i need some form of road-worthiness test. anyone had any experience of this?

thanks in advance!

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Triumpherate 2009 Charity Calendar [08 Sep 2008|12:39pm]

Hi ladies,

I'm new here, but wanted to surround myself with women who would know what i'm talking about when i say i don't want to be a pillion forever ;) I've just passed my CBT and theory and am planning on taking my test next year sometime. To this end i bought myself a shiny Yamaha SR 125 custom to frighten the locals with my positively dodgy u-turns (see userpic).

Anyway there's also another reason for me positng here. I've been involved in producing a calendar with some like-minded, motorcycle-lovin' friends in aid of Help For Heroes (http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/index.html). This past Saturday we held our grand calendar launch at the King William IV pub in Pembury, and many brave bikers threw caution (and shining chrome!) to the wind and turned up with wet leather and smiling faces.

My other half made a short video of the making of the calendar, which I thought I would post here for your delectation and appreciation.

Much fun was had by all.

If anyone would like to support H4H by buying a calendar (or calendars - hey it's nearly Christmas!) then please visit the Triumpherate website:


or email them on:


Thanks in advance, and safe riding!
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Love my new pipe [31 Aug 2008|08:56pm]
Hi all,

Yesterday I had a full system SS2-R Vance & Hines pipe installed on my Buell Blast (w/ some tweaking to the carburetor). I absolutely cannot describe the difference between the stock Blast and the "new" Blast. I rode out of the H-D parking lot screaming with joy as I tore off down the road (w/ the required bug-eating grin). My bike... she roars! she purrs! she's smoother! AND she has more power! My thumper sounds like a bad beatch. So, my husband, who's been riding sport bikes and H-D bikes for years, took a ride and really rode my bike hard. He came home with a big grin on his face, and was stunned that the bike had that much power (for a single cyclinder "little" bike) and could be so responsive. So, needless to say... I'm actually pretty happy with my Buell Blast and put 200+ miles on her in two days.

thump thump thump
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OUCH! [30 Aug 2008|08:44pm]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Today I was riding through the beautiful twisty roads not far from home, where the trees have grown over it creating a beautiful canopy. It's one of my favorite roads. It's called Live Oak Canyon Road and it brings you straight to Cooks Corner, a very popular biker bar.

Well, while on that road today a Wasp or Yellow Jacket got caught under my shirt and was none too happy about it. I am in so much pain right now. I have a screaming headache and it feels like someone kicked me in the ribs.

Yet, I can't stop thinking... A bad day of riding still beats a really good day at work. LOL.

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Hello all [27 Aug 2008|10:11pm]
Hi everyone,

Just joined your community. I started my own blog about my love affair with my bike/riding, and found this community while tooling around. I started riding not too long ago. Currently I ride a 500 cc Buell Blast. She's small, but this thumper actually has some power and is really agile. This week I'm putting Vance & Hines pipes on her (poor thing sounds so meek right now). :)

Anyway, glad to see you gals and your bikes. Ride safe and stop on by my way some time.
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Mounted Swing-Arm Caps [10 Aug 2008|06:06pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

Put them on this afternoon.

Just got back from a ride and took some pics. I wanted to share how the custom caps I had made look on my bike...

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Intensive Courses [09 Aug 2008|04:26pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Would you recommend an intensive course (5 days) for someone who has NEVER ridden a motorcycle?

I've been looking at this company here and I'm really interested. I am looking to do the A2 licence.


The price is £699 - Does that sound good? I'm based in London, England. If anyone knows of a better place, point it out to me. This was just the first one I got on Google :]

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