Milly (milly_bogtrot) wrote in bitchesonbikes,

Triumpherate 2009 Charity Calendar

Hi ladies,

I'm new here, but wanted to surround myself with women who would know what i'm talking about when i say i don't want to be a pillion forever ;) I've just passed my CBT and theory and am planning on taking my test next year sometime. To this end i bought myself a shiny Yamaha SR 125 custom to frighten the locals with my positively dodgy u-turns (see userpic).

Anyway there's also another reason for me positng here. I've been involved in producing a calendar with some like-minded, motorcycle-lovin' friends in aid of Help For Heroes ( This past Saturday we held our grand calendar launch at the King William IV pub in Pembury, and many brave bikers threw caution (and shining chrome!) to the wind and turned up with wet leather and smiling faces.

My other half made a short video of the making of the calendar, which I thought I would post here for your delectation and appreciation.

Much fun was had by all.

If anyone would like to support H4H by buying a calendar (or calendars - hey it's nearly Christmas!) then please visit the Triumpherate website:

or email them on:

Thanks in advance, and safe riding!
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