j.le (lenagogan) wrote in bitchesonbikes,

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It is so nice to see a women's motorcycling community that is, er, more than just reviews of menstrual products. I have been seeking out motorcycle communities ever since my boyfriend, Benjamin, and I, have been on our trip. We've been riding two-up on a 1976 Yamaha XS500 from Seattle, down to New Orleans and eventually on our way to the tip of Argentina. We've been writing a blog over at Jen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: Traveling on a 1976 Yamaha XS500 to Argentina on blogger.

If anyone has any experiences/or places we shouldn't miss en route, please leave me a comment on lj or on blogger. Or, if you're going to be somewhere between the Texas border + Argentina, and would like to meet up, drop me a line, too!

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