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For women who love their machines...

... because nothing deserves more love!!

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This community is for women who love their motorcycles, trikes, scooters, etc.... their hogs, their bikes, their machines.... From novices to experts, the young and the old....

There are more than enough communities for men who love their bikes, so this one is for women to get together and share - stories, information, pictures... anything about their bikes - from the latest charity run to the fantastic picture they just found on the net of a half naked *insert actor's name here* draped over a Harley ;)

Men are more than welcome and their opinions respected.
This comm is intended to give the female point of view and all women are welcome.
In no way is this comm an implication that many of the fantastic comms out there for bikes, etc are not representing women, etc, just that sometimes it's nice to have a seperate place for us as well as a mixed one :)

If you have a problem with this comm the solution is simple. Dont read it, dont join. Easy.

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